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PE-Design 11- Digitizing Software

Packed with powerful and time-saving features, this software is for both the casual hobbyist and the home-based business entrepreneur. 

  • Advanced layout and editing features

  • Over 1000 built in designs

  • 130 Fonts

  • Font Mapping

  • Stitch design factory

  • Updated thread chart

  • More powerful quilting functions

  • Automatically remove background from embroidery designs

  • Decorative fill patterns  Echo quilting

  • Fill pattern editing

  • Special Features for Luminaire XP1

  • Wireless LAN Connectivity

  • Create large split designs using the large 272 x 408mm Luminaire hoop

  • Enhanced large split pattern functionality.

  • Scan N Cut Compatibility

  • Import FCM files to create embroidery designs

  • Create FCM files to send to Canvasworkspave or directly to a wirelessly enabled Scan N Cut Machine.

  • Ultimate Customization and Design Tools

  • Intelligent color sort.

  • Fabric selector, automatically adjusts sewing attributes for your embroidery based on your fabric selection

  • Round and flexible spiral stitches.

BES4 - Dream Edition Embroidery Lettering Software

The BES®4 Dream Edition is a full-featured desktop lettering, monogramming and customization PC software with more designs, more fonts, and more creative customizing and editing features than ever before! Plus, it includes a new wireless upgrade kit and convenient BES Cloud® web application for free storage and basic editing capabilities.

The versatility of this new software is perfect for any embroiderer, from beginner to expert. You will love the ability to create designs on your PC, transfer designs wirelessly, and edit designs on-the-go.

True Innovation in Embroidery Lettering and Monogramming PC Software Plus BES®4 Wireless Upgrade Kit & Free Access to BES®Cloud for basic edits on-the-go

Visit Store for Best Pricing
Visit Store for Best Pricing

Floriani FTCU Digitizing Software


FTC-U provides the tools you need to turn your ideas and designs into works of art!

New EXCLUSIVE FTC-U Features include:

  • Wave Gradient Fill Patterns

  • Wave Color Blend Patterns

  • Apply Template Layouts to designs

  • Apply fabric texture background to design page

  • Create Name Drops

  • Create Button Hole

  • Photo Stitch Wizard

  • Add ZigZag, Wave, Twirl, Pinch, and Spherize
    Distortion to objects

Whether you are a hobbyist or full commercial embroiderer Walter Floriani has the perfect embroidery software solution for you!

NO COMPETITIOR’S SOFTWARE comes close to the features OR price point of Walter Floriani’s embroidery software.

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Floriani Lettering Master

Floriani Sketch A Stitch



  • Font Creator – the ability to create embroidery keyboard fonts from TRUE TYPE® fonts.

  • Ability to edit fonts created in the software.

Standard Features

  • Multi-Page Workspace Tabs

  • Open and Merge Designs

  • Simulated Slow Redraw

  • Save to Standard Home Embroidery Formats

  • Multiple Brand Thread Palettes

  • Ruler

  • Zoom and Pan

  • Recolor Lettering Segments and Designs

  • Auto-Save

  • Auto-Baste

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The program that allows you to convert drawings within the software into embroidery stitches! This amazing new software can be used with any Embroidery Machine! Create specific stitch designs on the fly and on-screen.

Specialty Features

  • Creations get turned into stitches instantly as you draw lines in the software

  • Includes pressure sensitive brush

  • Brushes that turn to stitches as you draw with them:

    • Calligraphy

    • Applique

    • Tapered Ends Satin

    • Pressure sensitive

    • Steil Satin

    • Run

    • Run Bean

    • Shape Satin Border

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Floriani Total Quilter 3 in 1 Software Program

total quilter.jpg

My Decorative Quilter II®

Master a variety of Quilting techniques with the ease of functionality that My Decorative Quilter II gives you to create heirloom treasures.
Embellish Blocks using Extensive Features in MDQ II

  • 230 Motif Stitches

  • 50 Crazy Quilting Stitches

  • 124 Border Designs

  • 50 Decor Stitches

  • 204 Embellishments

  • 61 Fonts

  • 394 Advanced Stippling Patterns

  • 69 Texture Patterns

My Quilt Builder

Get Organized by laying your Quilt out, Block by Block on your computer! Import your own Block Artwork & Designs, including from My Decorative Quilter II & Appli-Quilt software!
Construct Quilt with Quilt Builder

  • Quilt Block Layout

  • Includes 20 Appli-Quilt Blocks

  • Place, Add & Delete Blocks

  • Block Editing Tools

  • Add Sashing

  • Add and Customize Quilt Borders


Load Appli-Quilt Blocks into the software and decorate using creative motifs and decorative stippling! CREATE Your own Appli-Quilt Blocks using the block creation tool provided.
Creating Appli-Quilt Blocks

  • 20 Motif Patterns

  • 20 Advanced Stippling Patterns

  • 200+ Appli-Quilt Blocks

  • Tools needed to create your own blocks



Recommended System Requirements:

  • Genuine Intel Pentium IV, 2Ghz PC computer (or higher) with a CD-ROM drive

  • 17” or 21” monitor with 1024x768 video resolution with 16-bit color display (or higher)

  • 1 gigabyte of RAM

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows® 8, or Windows® 10 operating system

  • Minimum of 1 gigabyte hard disk drive space available

  • Mouse and Keyboard

  • Export Artwork

    Formats Supported:

  • Floriani Files (WAF)

  • Baby Lock/Brother/Bernina (PES)

  • Elna/Janome/Kenmore (SEW)

  • Elna (EMD), Janome/ Elna (JEF)

  • Viking/Husqvarna (HUS)

  • Pfaff (PCS), Tajima (DST)

  • Singer/Poem (CSD)

  • Singer (XXX)

  • Melco (EXP)

  • Viking D1 (SHV)

  • Viking/Pfaff (VIP)

  • Viking/Pfaff (VP3)

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