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All INNOVA™ machines are constructed of a high quality, extremely rigid aircraft grade aluminum profile and include the highest quality digital electronic components. The innovative design is engineered to house top rated sealed ball bearings and Teflon® hard coated components to minimize routine maintenance and eliminate messy oiling.
  • Four sizes: 18”, 22”, 24",  26”, and 32”.

  • 3000 stitches per minute

  • 1hp motor

  • High resolution digital encoders

  • Patented rotating sew head

  • Programmable 5-22 stitches per inch

  • Programmable 0-500 minimum stitches per minute sew speed

  • Manual speed from 75-3000 spm

  • Manual speed control on handles for on the fly adjustments

  • Needle Up/Dn programmable

  • Both manual and regulated modes

  • Phenolic composition high density wheels

  • 5 year warranty

  • 24/7 technical support

  • Laser and pointer stylus

  • Front and rear handles

  • Articulating sewing light

  • Large M size Innova Red Vortex Bobbin

  • Non engaging hand wheel

  • Patented spring loaded

  • 1/4 inch hopping foo

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Computerized Quilting Systems
Auto Pilot
  • Resize, Rotate, Flip, Mirror                                                                       

  • Trim

  • Boundaries

  • Morph

  • Draw, Text, Advanced draw tools including anchor and line edit capabilities.

  • Crosshatch

  • Mask

  • Wreath

  • Align

  • AutoFit

  • Create Segments, Divide, Join

  • Edge to Edge

  • Echo

  • End Snap

  • Group, Attach, Link

  • Push Pins

  • Advanced settings and options for all tools and features

Grand Format Embroidery

In February 2018 INNOVA® introduced Grand Format Embroidery™ to the longarm quilting world. 

With the addition of this component the INNOVA AutoPilot™ Mach 3 system becomes a hoop free embroidery system.

Grand Format Embroidery™ gives the quilter/embroiderer the option to run a digitized embroidery pattern file and includes the Path Apply feature which gives the quilter endless creative advantages in creating their own applique and embroidery designs

  • Embroider with any .dst file.

  • Hoop free embroidery system.

  • Convert any .pat pattern into an embroidery creation using Path Apply.

  • Applique with ease.


Increase your freedom and release your creativity with a Navigator


Follow the easy steps to Edge to Edge quilting or use the many available tools to create a truly original masterpiece.  Equipped with the Microsoft Windows 7 All-in-One Tablet PC, the Navigator™ provides you capabilities for design layout, editing, and complete control of final pattern stitch out.  The incredible quick release system allows the quilter to easily go back to free-motion quilting in just a few seconds.  Navigator™ comes standard loaded with fifty patterns and has the ability to upload .dxf file format patterns, or Innova’s proprietary .pat file format, providing compatibility with thousands of digitized quilting patterns and designs.   Designs are available from dozens of well known pattern designers on the internet or you may draw your own by using software such as Art-n-Stitch, Pre-Design Studio, Autosketch or Pro-Q designer.  With the Navigator

Parts and Accesories

Innovative Quilting Systems offers a large variety of parts and accessories that will help you achieve the most out of your long arm machine. Fluorescent bulbs, grease syringe, double cone thread stand, etc.


Our new INNOVATECH™ quilting thread is an exclusively developed thread engineered specifically for longarm quilting. It is a 40-weight poly wrapped poly (27tex), and its sleek design and beautiful finish allow for maximum efficiency while providing superior visual appeal. One customer, claims, “it runs like melted butter.” INNOVATECH™ is available in 60 of the most popular color choices, and can be purchased in 3000 or 6000 yard cones.

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